Urria Zinema

In 1979, several film makers from Zalla (Biscay) decided to group in order to let others know about our latest works created in Super 8 format. We pretended to set a meeting point for film lovers, extending this definition to audio-visual world supporters. Adopted name was “Grupo Urria de Cine Amateur” changing it to “Urria Zinema, zine eta bideo taldea” in 2000.

We constituted a legal Cultural Association, with the main goal of continuing with our previous objective of making and supporting the Amateur cinema. Within this approach, several and multiple activities have been carried out for the last years, namely, film making, chats around cinema, film displaying, etc, with a special mention to the “Encartaciones Film and Video Amateur Festival

At present, we maintain the same spirit that made possible this group, and from here we would like to invite everybody interested in joining us and ready to work on behalf of the amateur cinema and audio-visual world to share this project with us.