Festival history

In 2001, the 20th edition of the “Encartaciones Film and Video Festival” took place in Zalla. All those interested in getting further information about this festival, hereinby we will provide them with some data about its origin and features.

The first amateur films in Zalla were developed in the late 70´s. Their authors created in 1979 the “Grupo Urria de Cine Amateur” and a year later (1980) the first edition of the “Super-8 format amateur film Festival”.

This festival existed till 1984 when finally disappeared to let its place to the new “Encartaciones amateur film festival”.

The increasing interest to all those cultural aspects which were born in the early 80´s in the Encartaciones region, made possible the foundation of the Encartaciones Cultural Association supported by the Biscay Regional Government.

Within the mentioned association, where Grupo Urria was a member, the idea of creating an Amateur Film festival finally succeeded and in 1984 the 4th edition (as continuation of the previous festival) took place.

The Headquarters and Organisation of the Festival was decided to rotate among the different Association town members of the region. This work organisation was not operative and it lasted only for 3 years. Since 1987, the Grupo Urria,group will get in charge to organise everything from Zalla.

Grupo Urria wished to spread the seed of the Amateur cinema in the whole region and due to it, new organisation group decided to program film screenings in all towns of the region. Thanks to this measure, despite the closing session took place in one of the towns, all of them could enjoy it as well. This trend continued until 1991 when due to the low aid of some towns it was decided to restrict it only to Zalla.

The Super-8 format has been the official format from the beginning. However the new technologies introduction has made the Organisation to adapt to new formats, and so in 1998 the VHS videotapes took part firstly in the Festival.

Both the promotion posters and awards are made by two good friends of the festival, two extraordinary local artists that grant their unique work yearly.

Funds to organise the Festival are mainly collected from the Biscay Regional Government and the Municipality of Zalla. Another institution promoting this festival is the BBK bank, (promotion posters printing, and general advertising). Finally, the festival counts on the aid of several private entities to propagate it: Eroski, Bar El Balcón, Pub Iris, Pub Giroa and Oreka Antzokia.

For further information concerning the next festival programme, please refer to “Festival Rules” chapter.