Any non professional director who still isn´t acclaimed in the film industry.




Until August 25th, 2024. Each participant can submit as many films as desired, whenever these films have not been submitted before to this festival. Contestants agree to give the exhibition rights while the festival takes place.


Films, sound or soundless, can be presented on any language. When the language is different from the official languages of the Festival (Spanish and Basque), the film must be sub-tittled into one of the mentioned languages.


The films can not exceed 30 minutes.


There are two ways to submit shortfilms:

By using clickforfestivals.com web page

By fulfilling the application form including a link to vimeo.com and the password to see  and download the shortfilm.

For further information please contact us:



Both the Selection of the participant films and the screening programme will be designed by a committee in charge of viewing all submitted films previously.


It will be integrated by persons closely concerned with cinema, arts, literature and information society fields.

The Young Jury will be made up of young volunteers between 18 and 29 years old.

Films Screening

The Official Section will take place at the Zalla theatre (Zalla Zine-antzokia) from the 25th to the 30th  of November , 2024.

* URRIA ZINEMA will do the screening of the films so carefully as possible, but won´t be responsible of any problem during it.

Prize announcement

Jury´s decision won´t be open to appeal and it will be communicated to the participants. Any prize can be not awarded. Jury can grant special mentions to outstanding films in the festival.


Dolmen to the Enkarzine´s Best Short Film and 800 €*

Dolmen to the Best Fiction Film and 400 €.

Dolmen to the Best Documentary Film and 400 €.

Dolmen to the Best Animation Film and 400 €

Dolmen for the best short film for the Young Jury and €400. EITB Award

Dolmen to the Best Film from Encartaciones and 250 €.

Dolmen to the Spectators Favourite Film: 250 €**

It will be the responsibility of the winners to assume the amounts that due to fiscal legal imperative, if applicable, should be entered or withheld for this concept.

*The awarded Festival best short film will be only able to be  also awarded in the Best Film from Encartaciones

**Films to compete for this prize must be included in the screenings of the Official Section (November 25th to 29th).

IMPORTANT: The prize in cash will be granted only if the awarded winner attends physically (oneself or a delegated person) to the Festival Awards Event on the 30th of November 2024. If necessary, the winner will be hosted for free in a local hotel and will receive, as well, a transportation aid. This decision is not taken on an economic basis but on the accomplishment of one of the main objectives of the ENKARZINE festival, namely, the meeting and connection of the short filmmakers.


Saturday, 30th of november 2024. Presentation and awarded films screening.